Op 14-jun-05, om 21:47 heeft Rose Humphrey het volgende geschreven:

Oh good, that makes two of us.

It occurs to me, as I struggle to set up my brand-new Canon Pixma
MP780 (how can anyone collect so many non-working telephone cables?)
that if we're going to have a decent office suite on the Amiga we're
logically also in need of a decent selection of up-to-date printer
drivers . Is anyone aware of any such project, even if it's only
porting the linux drivers? There's rumours about Turboprint, but no
actual announcements...

I remember discussing this once with Ben Hermans, basicly, my idea was to port CUPS to AOS4 (cups is the printing system used on linux, bsd & OSX).

Considering OOo was made to use cups on linux/osx, it might be worth investigating



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